Infrastructure, sustainability and commons


ISR-ISC WEBINAR: Ethnographic Encounters with Morality, Crisis and Extractivism in Venezuela

Double-digit inflation, over 5 million refugees, and a political deadlock with no easy solutions: The humanitarian crisis in Venezuela boggles the mind. In this ISR webinar, Iselin Åsedotter Strønen (University of Bergen), Eva van Roekel (Vrije Universiteit), Marjo de Theije (Vrije Universiteit), and Matt Wilde (University of Leicester) draw on their ethnographic research in Venezuela to explore what anthropology can add to debates on economic crisis, natural resource extraction and environmental threats. While using an anthropological approach to morality, the social anthropologists will specifically discuss the nexus of extractive societies, grassroots politics, kinship and social responsibility as taking place in contemporary Venezuela. Read more

Infrastructure, sustainability and commons

The Infrastructures, Sustainability and Commons Lab (ISC Lab) is affiliated with the VU Institute of Societal Resilience.

The starting point for ISC is the ethnographically-informed understanding that environmental and human sustainability passes through a radical rethinking of established socio-cultural logic about nature, society, economy, politics and the position of human beings in the world.

Our overarching goal is to understand critical and provide research that will facilitate for grassroots and other interventions that challenge the insecurities and risks we are facing as humanity in a hyper-mobile and over-heated world, where the future of earth and humanity is at stake. We seek to comprehend the most urgent problems of the Anthropocene. We search for solutions based on the merge of the multifarious collective human intelligence, our common resources, human diversity, and social solidarity, to contribute to shaping future infrastructures for new socio-material arrangements that will be resistant to insecurities and risks.

The Lab is directed by Prof. Dimitris Dalakoglou, VU’s Chair of Social Anthropology and Prof. Marjo de Theije, Professor Anthropology of Resources and Anthropology’s Research Director. It features the research of VU’s anthropologists along with other ethnography-based researchers in the Faculty of Social Sciences VU working on related topics.

MISC has an advisory committee that includes Prof. Issy Drori (VU, Organisational Sciences),  Prof. Rebecca Bryant (Utrecht University, Anthropology) and Prof. Marianne Maeckelbergh (Leiden University, Anthropology).