Transformations in Urban Education

All children deserve the chance to discover their ambitions, to develop their talents and to realize their dreams. However, for many young people in cities, school culture clashes with machismo, street mentality and street culture. Though introspection, self-expression and personal development are increasingly important in the Dutch school system, these same schools have proven to be less than successful in transferring key competences, socially accepted behaviour and attitudes to their pupils. As a consequence, many of these (former) pupils are now struggling, economically and socially, to become and/or remain full-fledged members of society.

The ‘Leergemeenschap Slotervaart’ focuses on strengthening an inspiring and inclusive school culture for the schools involved. That way, pupils can develop and climb the school ladder. As a result, not only will their motivation grow and their results improve, but they will feel more at home at their school and their social development will be improved. This, in turn, will strengthen the effect that education has on helping pupils climb the social ladder successfully.