Science skepticism across societies

The aim of the this project is to broaden and strengthen our understanding of science skepticism. Public distrust about societal issues such as the reality of anthropogenic climate change, the safety of childhood vaccination, the safety of genetically modified organisms, and the continuing existence of discrimination practices and social inequality is increasing, and an anti-science movement is growing (e.g., Nature, 2017). This poses serious challenges to society with regard to medical, environmental and social issues. Many organizations dedicated to the advancement of science have expressed concerns about the risks of a further decline of trust in science as an institution (e.g., KNAW, 2013). The proposed project aims to shed light on when and under which conditions people tend to accept and/or (dis)trust scientific evidence, by conducting a large-scale cross-cultural study.

Team: Romy van der Lee, Guido van Koningsbruggen, Bastiaan Rutjens