Showcase Market

Present at the showcase market:

Formaat Foundation ft. DOCK
Participatory Theatre of Formaat foundation with teenagers in the Crooswijk district of Rotterdam: How is the political awareness of young people stimulated by means of theater and how can young people get a say in matters that play a role in their own neighborhood?

Buro Zend Uit ft. Presihaaf University ft
Buro Zend-Uit in Arnhem: young people in vulnerable positions are helped by an online-offline programme with a focus on talent development (what can I do?), pedagogical coalition (for whom?), and rites the passages (to become what?) to resist the abuse of their lack of clear life goals.

De Kracht van Ieder1 ft. Police Den Haag
Dialogue project with boys and police officers in the Vrederust district of The Hague. Two primary schools take the initiative to implement the Vreedzame Wijk approach in the neighborhood, to give young people their own place in a neighborhood where there are few facilities, and to strengthen the bond between young people and the police.

Gemeente Mechelen
The city of Mechelen takes social alienation as a starting point for actions throughout the entire safety chain. Whereas the preventive approach is taken primarily on an individual level, on a collective level social institutions are also pro-actively strengthened in tackling social alienation.

Athena-Syntax ft. various artists, Antwerp
In Antwerp, the Koninklijk Atheneum high school has been confronted with extremist recruitment. Since then, they run the Athena-Syntax programme, where difficult and delicate themes are discussed within the space and freedom that art offers.

Lost Project Amsterdam ft. Ouder en Kind Teams
Collaboration between the Amsterdam Parent and Child Teams and the youth theater company Lost Project. The Man Down show is played in different neighborhoods and evaluated with young people and youth workers, to make the theme of masculinity, street culture and macho behavior discussable.

ZOZ academy ft. Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds
ZOZ Fund and ZOZ Academy seek and support special stories in Dutch society. Stories that touch, connect, question the world or make you think. The focus is on projects aimed at reducing extremism, polarisation and radicalisation. It supports artists who want to strengthen resilience in society and reduce polarisation through the power of stories. The ZOZ Academy is for brand new artists who want to test an initiative or idea.

The British Think project in Wales is designed to remove myths and educate with facts about migration, Islam etc.  It’s goal is to educate young people around equality and discuss openly different forms of extremism, and to look together with youth at how media frames politics and extremism. They also work on 1-1 basis with referred youth, and take them to visit asylum seekers and mosques.

Barking Mosque
A former police officer works in the mosque with young people and has put together a programme for community empowerment.  He is currently working with 24 young drug dealers from the local community, meeting with them once a week for four months.  He argues that to achieve resilience “we need to work with the people that nobody else wants to work with”.

Parent initiative for better Islamic education. Language and education project to increase resilience. Taal=Gezond works on religious and cultural needs. Originally set up by the GGD (Municipal Health Services), later by youth workers and mothers in the Tilburg-West district.