Sirishkumar Manji


Sirishkumar ‍Manji ‍is ‍a ‍third ‍generation ‍tabla ‍maestro, ‍who ‍was ‍introduced ‍to ‍the ‍tabla ‍at ‍the ‍age ‍of ‍seven ‍by ‍his ‍late ‍father ‍and Guru, ‍Pandit ‍Bhagwanji ‍Manji, ‍a ‍highly ‍gifted ‍vocalist and  multi ‍instrumentalist, ‍himself ‍a ‍disciple ‍of ‍the ‍great ‍singer late ‍Pandit ‍Omkarnath ‍Thakur in Surat, India. ‍
Their ‍family ‍home in London, UK was ‍always ‍buzzing ‍with ‍music, ‍a ‍never ‍ending ‍flow ‍of ‍artists ‍came ‍through ‍the ‍door, ‍sharing ‍stories, ‍food ‍and ‍of ‍course ‍playing ‍together.
Sirishkumar ‍has ‍a ‍unique ‍gift ‍for ‍bringing ‍the ‍tabla ‍into ‍diverse ‍musical ‍situations. ‍He ‍has ‍worked ‍with ‍an ‍incredible ‍variety ‍of ‍musical ‍talents ‍and ‍performers, ‍combining ‍Indian ‍classical ‍flavours ‍with ‍jazz, ‍contemporary ‍classical, ‍pop, ‍the ‍avant ‍garde ‍and ‍musical ‍traditions ‍from ‍across ‍world. ‍His open-minded and creative approach has seen him work with many of its brightest talents.

Performance description

During the performance I will talk about the rhythmic system of the tabla, the language of the instrument and how the spoken language is played on the drums, play a completely improvised solo and take questions.