Prof. dr.Elly Konijn

Prof. dr. Elly Konijn

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Elly A. Konijn (Ph.D. 1994) is professor of Media Psychology at the Department of Communication Science and endowed professor of the Fenna Diemer-Lindeboom chair at the VU University Amsterdam. She is the initiator and chairman of the Media Psychology research programme at the VU University Amsterdam.

Her scientific research programme focuses on three main areas:
1) Related to media figures, virtual people, and social robots.
2) Emotions and media-based reality perceptions (e.g. social reality perceptions shaped by media use, including moral norms).
3) Media use in adolescents (e.g. cyberbullying, violent effects of video games, thin-body ideal, self-presentation)

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Media characters; robots; emotions; perceptions of reality; media use

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