Film screening: “Love in Procedure” with panel discussion and artistic presentations “

‘Thinking with’ and ‘Thinking thick’: Connectedness as a Starting Point in the Quest of Alternative Perspectives on the Dutch Asylum Reception

For several years the Dutch asylum reception has been in crisis. The Dutch government appears to be insensitive to the forces within the society, in particular those of refugees and people working with refugees. The existing compartmentalisation hampers possibilities for making connections and subsequently including new perspectives, and co-creating innovative ways of thinking and new practices.

For whom: Organisations, scholars, artists, professionals and volunteers working with refugees, refugees, policymakers, other interested parties and individuals

Aurora – HG 0C29, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, De Boelelaan 1105, Amsterdam

Wednesday the 14th  February,  At 15:00 – 17:00



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Film screening
This is why the Refugee Academy invites you to the film screening of a short documentary entitled “Love in Procedure”. The film is made by Laura Huygen and Moos Pozzo in co-creation with the protagonists Kelly and Fams. Four years ago, the young couple fell in love at the asylum seekers centre at Heerlen, where Fams was waiting for the outcome of his asylum procedure and Kelly was working as a volunteer. Since then, the Dutch-Gambian couple builds up their relationship against the background of the insecurity of the asylum application of Fams. The documentary combines the video and audio diary of Fams and Kelly which they direct at each other, and images filmed by the crew.
Link to the trailer: [will follow]

Panel discussion
After the screening of the film, a panel of members with different positions, knowledges and experiences will reflect on the film and will provide answers to questions such as: How does the film show the power of connectedness? How can the film help us formulating alternative perspectives for the deadlocks we find ourselves in?

Artistic presentations
Finally, penal discussion with a performance. There will also be an art exhibition of Kelly Palmen, one of the protagonists and co-creators of the film and Design I Visual Art student (Hogeschool Zuyd Maastricht).

Programme Outline:
15:00 – Opening by Elena Ponzoni– Halleh Ghorashi
15:05 – Film “Love in Procedure”
15:25 – Panel discussion with: Betty de Hart, Catarina Sales Oliveira, Moos Pozzo, Laura Huygen, Sajad Salmanpour
16:25 – Break and Art Exhibition by Kelly Palmen
16:40 – Spoken word by Atta de Tolk
17:00 – Closing of the event


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