Care & Welfare

Within Resilience in Care, we connect knowledge from scientific research with healthcare practices, in order to contribute to a resilient organisation of care, meaning, an organization of care that takes into account the various interests of the diverse stakeholders. As such, we aim for a more inclusive and sustainable organization of care.

Healthcare is facing major challenges and is constantly subject to change. Our society is ageing and the composition of patient groups as well as the group of care professionals is becoming more diverse. (Health)care issues are growing increasingly complex because people are getting older. The costs of healthcare are rising and staff shortages are increasing. On top of these challenges, healthcare organization are faced with demanding, acute crises, as was shown during the COVID-pandemic.

Additionally, the organization of care and the systems in place are characterized by complexity. Healthcare can be seen as a complex interplay of many different parties, such as care recipients, healthcare professionals, informal care-givers, insurers and local and national governments. These parties have shared, but also different and specific, interests and needs regarding the provision of care. Furthermore, the various parties involved are significantly interdependent

The aim of Resilience in Care is to contribute to a more inclusive, sustainable and therefore resilient organization of care. To this end, a large group of researchers is working on understanding and solving a wide range of issues in care. They do this from different disciplines in social sciences such as sociology, organizational sciences, anthropology, behavioral sciences, socio-technology and public administration. Some examples of research themes are: participation and cooperation in care, care networks in home care, artificial intelligence in hospital care, psychological and physical safety for care provider and patient.

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How we as a society deal with the vulnerable people in our society says something about the level of civilisation in our society” Bianca Beersma