Digital Traces (Big Data and Computational Methods)- Project “Inside the filter bubble”

Inside the filter bubble: A framework for deep semantic analysis of mobile news consumption traces

Funded by an NWO JEDS grant, we want to understand more about the news people consume online and especially mobile. To gather the data, we rely on a novel approach that shifts the focus from tracking people (i.e. installing software on their phones) towards voluntary data donations of their existing digital footprints in a mobile lab. Participants get insights into their online behavior while we as researchers can better understand the diversity of their news consumption and how it is influenced by e.g. algorithmic curation.

Funding source:

Felicia Loecherbach, Wouter van Atteveldt, Judith Moeller (UvA), Damian Trilling (UvA)
Netherlands eScience Center and CWI