Living Lab – Pilot Club: Live Music Events in Virtual Reality

The Covid-19 pandemic provides a huge challenge to the event industry, as most cultural events were put on hold or cancelled. Virtual Reality, however, provides an interesting opportunity to establish a resilient response to this crisis – as cultural events might be organized in VR, an artists might find a new and socially rich way of interacting with their audience; with people attending from all over the world. Our unique consortium of industry and science partners is building up a fieldlab to examine and enable live music events in VR, now (during the pandemic) and in the future (as VR music events are on the rise). We will develop a new virtual club that allows for powerful and socially rich live performances – with both artists and their audience being present.


Creative Industry:
Mojo Concerts
Studio Drift
Mamou-Mani Architects

VU Amsterdam
Hogeschool Utrecht
TU Delft