The Internet and Social Media- Project “Impact of social media use among youngsters”

Impact of social media use among youngsters

The question how new technologies affect young people has been of interest since decades. The growth of appearance-related social media platforms, such as Instagram, raises concerns about how posting (enhanced) photos of oneself, and exposure to photos of others, affects the well-being and body image of youngsters. This project aims to examine under which circumstances active online self-presentations and exposure thereto exert harm or benefits among youngsters. Results will reflect on academic, parental, and societal concerns over new media effects and subsequently inform parties involved in media literacy.

Funding source:
This project is part of a larger project funded by an NWO Research Talent Grant.

Team: Nadia Bij de Vaate, Jolanda Veldhuis, Elly Konijn
Scholengroep Het Plein