Resilience, diversity and inclusion

Intensified global mobility and migration are increasing cross-cultural contact and cultural inclusion, reinforced further through the strength of the internet that fosters accessibility. At the same time, cultural closure can be observed as a result of growing inequality, segregation, uneasiness, and even resentment towards cultural and religious diversity. These tendencies evoke a need to rethink resilience as a form of inclusion whereby cultural diversity intersects with such characteristics as class, religion, gender, and age.

‘The diversity and inclusion theme aims to understand how individuals, communities, and societies deal with tensions related to diversity from a broader understanding of diversity as a means to respond to timely questions. This process of rethinking includes continued efforts to organize and manage diversity, the ways in which individuals organize their lives in contexts of transnational pathways and new technologies and concerns the manners in which individuals or groups construct their own understandings through social categories of sameness and difference.’

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