The Refugee Academy was initiated by Halleh Ghorashi, professor in Sociology at VU University specialized in the themes of cultural diversity, integration and refugees. She is theme leader of Resilience, Diversity and Inclusion of the Institute of Societal Resilience.

Elena Ponzoni and Nikki Scholten coordinate the Refugee Academy. In addition to this, Elena Ponzoni holds a postdoc position at the faculty of Pedagogical Science, at VU University.

Other researchers involved in the Refugee Academy are Sennay Ghebreab (Social Sciences/Psychology, AUC & UvA), Robert Larruina (Organization Science,VU University), Maria Rast (Sociology, VU University), Nikki Scholten (Sociology, VU University), Younes Younes (Sociology, VU University), Younes Saramifar (Social and Cultural Anthropology, VU University), Tara Fiorito (Sociology, VU University), Alexandra Greene (Sociology, VU University), Miriam Ocadiz (Sociology, VU University), Ozlem Ezer (Theology, VU University) and Peer Smets (Sociology, VU University).

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