First episode Made SIMple podcast out now!

Made SIMple is a podcast on Spotify, aiming to make sense of complex phenomena involving media, technology and society, through the words of the very researchers who study them. Crossing disciplines and collecting stories, we bring you topics you thought about … from perspectives you might not have encountered. Made SIMple is a podcast of the SIM Lab at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Hosts: Andreu Casas & Giulia Ranzini. Editing & Promotion: Teresa Rodriques & Alessandro Perego. Production Team: Mariken van der Velden & Jolanda Veldhuis.

For the first episode, Giulia and Andreu interview Marino van Zelst over one year (and counting) of Covid data journalism on Twitter, and Josh Tybur over what psychology can teach us about diseases, and how to prevent the next pandemic.