Impact Conversation “Shadow Game: The European Asylum Policy”

Moderator Margriet Vroomans (KRO-NCRV) discusses with filmmakers Els van Driel and Eefje Blankevoort, Member of European Parliament Tineke Strik (GroenLinks), and professor Halleh Ghorashi the traumatizing journey of the main characters in Shadow Game. Is the border violence they encountered a direct consequence of the European asylum policy, and what are the implications of the new Pact on Migration and Asylum presented by the EU in November 2020? Are human rights violations at the borders of Europe the price we are willing to pay for our migration policy, or is there an alternative? And what is the significance of ‘warm nests’ provided by citizen initiatives for minor refugees?

Shadow Game

Every day, teenagers who have fled their war-torn countries attempt to cross European borders in search of protection and a better life.

They navigate through a shadow world that we never see: a world of minefields, bears, fast-flowing rivers, smugglers, and border guards. ‘The game’ is the highly ironic term that has become common among these young refugees to describe the act of crossing borders. The teenagers embark on a treacherous journey that often lasts months or even years, risking their lives in the process. Along the way, they mature quickly.

Shadow Game is a transmedia project about young unaccompanied refugees by Eefje Blankevoort and Els van Driel, created in close collaboration with journalist and translator Zuhoor al Qaisi. The project includes a feature-length documentary (90 minutes), a series of short follow-up documentaries (30 minutes), an impact campaign, an adventure game, and a multimedia series/exhibition in collaboration with Cigdem Yuksel.

More information about Shadow Game can be found on their website.