Space for Stories-Tales from De Voorkamer

What is the value of civic initiatives for refugees and how do we make that value visible when it often cannot be captured in numbers and directly measurable results? To answer these questions, we delved deeper into the stories within one initiative for this project. Together with De Voorkamer and with the help of storyteller and co-founder of Mezrab Storytelling School Farnoosh Farnia and storyteller and performance coach Margo van de Linde, we recently held a series of storytelling workshops. Participants of the Front Room shared their stories about the significance of this initiative in their lives. Videos of some of the stories have been made by filmmaker Carl Asali in which participants and storytellers share the stories on screen.

The story of Salma

The story of Ghedam (narrated by Fabian Holle)

The story of Maha (narrated by Soula Notos)

The story of Mohamad

The story of Negar

The story of Gijs (narrated by Fabian Holle)

The story of Zina


See here our report, written by Timo Korstenbroek and Elena Ponzoni, on this wonderful experience and what we learned from participants’ stories.