“Towards a structural place for refugee perspectives in policymaking” – English summary

A refugee experience knows many different phases, each of which is fueled by positive and negative meanings. It starts with leaving behind everything that is familiar – your life, your loved ones, your environment – and the need to make … Continue reading

New website “Learning Crossroads for Refugee Inclusion”

Today we are launching the website for our research project ‘’Learning Crossroads for Refugee Inclusion’’. This project researches citizens’ initiatives whose mandates are centred on the promotion of the social participation and inclusion of refugees in the Netherlands. There has … Continue reading

Masterclass – Learning Crossroas for Refugee Inclusion – Refugee Academy


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The inclusion of refugees in Dutch society is a subject that concerns many. Since 2015, the focus on this topic and the commitment of national and local governments, companies, and NGOs to facilitate integration and inclusion has increased considerably. Nevertheless, … Continue reading