The Refugee Academy is an initiative founded by Halleh Ghorashi, and Elena Ponzoni.
Sajad Salmanpour is the current coordinator of the Refugee Academy.
Previous coordinators were Nikki Scholten and Kay Mars.

Associated with the Refugee Academy is a rotating group of researchers who regularly join meetings and/or are involved in Refugee Academy research projects.

Some of the researchers involved in Refugee Academy are:

Robert Larruina (Organizational Sciences, VU),
Maria Rast (Sociology, VU),
Younes Younes (Sociology, VU),
Tara Fiorito (Sociology, VU),
Alexandra Greene (Sociology, VU),
Miriam Ocadiz (Sociology, VU),
Fabian Holle (Sociology, VUU),
Phoebe Kisubi Mbasalaki (Sociology, VU),
Timo Korstenbroek (Sociology, VU),
Busisiwe Ntsele (Sociology, VU),
Mohammed Badran (Sociology, refugee-led advocate),
Nebil Kusmallah (Sociology, VU),
Sanaz Afshin (Sociology,VU),
Diana Bachour (Experience experts).

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