Sajad Salmanpour

Sajad Salamanpou
r began his journey in the academic world in 2007 when he enrolled in a bachelor’s program in social research, specializing in social sciences in Tehran. During his academic career, he actively participated in various urban research projects, focusing on cultural consumption in Iranian society for the municipality of Tehran. After completing his bachelor’s degree in 2011, he embarked on research for different institutes, engaging in topics such as urban planning, child labor, women’s rights, and youth-related issues, among others.

What is your academic background and expertise?

In 2014, my quest for knowledge led to a research master’s degree in sociology, which I successfully completed in 2016. During this time, I immersed myself in the intriguing world of semiotics in film, as my master’s thesis titled “Social and Cultural Changes in Iran: An Approach to Semiotics of B. Beizaie’s Movies” analyzed the use of semiotics in films through the lens of Charles Sanders Peirce’s theory. This academic journey fueled my passion for qualitative research methods and directed my interests toward research projects on refugees and immigrants, LGBTQ+ rights, empowerment, inclusivity and diversity.

What role do you have within the Refugee Academy and what keeps you busy in this role?

Within the Refugee Academy, my role as a junior researcher at VU since June 2022 involves active involvement in the Limbo project, supervised by Fabian Holle. In addition, in October I took on the position of project coordinator for both the Refugee Academy and the VICI group. With boundless enthusiasm and dedication, I embrace this new chapter in my academic journey.

What do you think is most important about/from the Refugee Academy and why?

The Refugee Academy has a special place in my heart. It is a platform where I can collaborate with researchers inside and outside the Academy and contribute my unique perspective and skills to a thriving research environment. Throughout my career, I have been described as an enthusiastic, patient and practical person, always willing to provide valuable insights and support to my colleagues. With a positive attitude, I strive to motivate those around me, promote a cohesive team spirit to achieve our collective goals and try to make a good and clear path for newcomers and refugees in the Netherlands and Europe.

What is your personal ambition within Refugee Council and how would you like to connect with your work and/or life outside of Refugee Council?

My personal ambition within Refugee Council aligns with my experiences as a newcomer to the Netherlands. Immersed in understanding Dutch society through meaningful interactions with people and different organizations, I strive to effectively combine knowledge and empathy when working with individuals in society. I am always looking to improve my knowledge and I am excited to expand my network and collaborate with you on this research.
I look forward to meeting new scientists to explore further opportunities for collaboration and growth. Let’s embark on a meaningful research journey together and make valuable contributions to the field of migration and asylum.

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