Sanaz Afshin

Sanaz Afshin is a PhD candidate at the University of Groningen. Her PhD research focuses on theater practices with refugees, with a focus on long-term effects, challenges and the different discourses around self-representation. She holds a BA in Performing Arts and the Science of Performance and an MA in Performing Arts, Fashion and Digital Arts (specialization in Theater) from Sapienza University of Rome, Italy.

She works as a researcher with the Refugee Academy, one of the expertise labs of the Institute for Societal Resilience (FSS). She is currently involved in the project The Story House, a collaboration with Rose Stories. Within this project, her task is to design a set of reflective activities to help in the reflection process, o act on learnings, improve the project and adjust the goals and frameworks of the project if needed.

Refugee Academy- related projects :
The House of Stories-(Het Verhalenhuis)


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