The multi-layered discussions that take place in our meetings have inspired new paths for research and co-creation of knowledge, and have provided input for research projects that we want to further develop in the coming years. The Refugee Academy has developed the following research lines:

  • Community initiatives and sustainable connections: how are citizen initiatives able to create the right balance between giving space to refugees and “navigating” them in a certain direction for them to continue their life stories in the Netherlands? For more information go to the Steppingstones4refugees website.
  • Full participation of newcomers: strengthening the role of employers. What are workable and useful strategies for involving businesses in creating job opportunities for refugees in the Netherlands? How can municipalities and organizations that work to enhance labour market participation better involve and support employers? What are obstacles that employers experience? For more information on this research project go to the InHolland website.
  • Entrepreneurship among newcomers: what are experimental routes and conditions to connect entrepreneurial refugees’ experiences and talents with enterprising opportunities in their new society?
  • Crisis governance or governance crisis? A sustainable model for long term refugee reception and integration?: how do we build a sustainable model for long-term refugee reception and integration? What are stakeholders (state agencies, NGOs and new organizations) learning, and what have they learnt about the refugee reception during the “crisis”? Where are they going from this point onwards?