Shadow Reports

Shadow Reports from Refugee and Migrant AdvocatesThe approach of the project is based on the creation of knowledge based on experience. The project produced many valuable outputs such as an interactive map of refugee and migrant advocates, and the shadow report toolkit alongside this compilation of shadow reports. Furthermore, several workshops, lectures, training sessions, and conferences have been organized to foster a constructive and meaningful dialogue between refugees, migrants, and policymakers.
This compilation of reports, as well as related research, are part of the project “Thinking of Integration Process as a Two-Way Inclusion (2incING)”, funded by the European Union Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF). The content of this report represents the views of the authors and is their sole responsibility. The European Commission accepts no responsibility for the use of the information contained therein.

Within the framework of this project, Steering Committees that consist of refugee and migrant advocates created four national shadow reports in Croatia, Malta, Greece, and the Netherlands, based on the data collected from the ground, to advocate for more inclusive integration policies for refugees and migrants in their respective countries and the EU. The reports are written both in national languages and in English.

The reports are solely the productions of the Steering Committees, the themes of each report were decided by the steering committee based on their assessments from the ground, and their available resources. Additionally, the project partners and steering committees convened policy meetings to present these national shadow reports and engage in in-depth discussions regarding the active inclusion of refugees and migrants in the decision-making processes related to integration policies.

The compilation report offers a comprehensive overview of four country reports, each presented in alphabetical order for easy reference.

Country Shadow Reports on the Implementation of Integration Measures:
Croatia (Download full version)
Greece (Download full version)
Malta (Download full version)
The Netherlands (Download full version) – Summary version