The House of Stories-(Het Verhalenhuis)

Het Verhalenhuis is a creative collaboration between Story Academy and Refugee Academy. Its primary aim is to provide a platform for people with refugee backgrounds to receive professional guidance and share their unheard stories on stage, while also providing potential pathways for participants to explore opportunities within the arts sector.

As the project progresses, its strategies continually evolve through partnerships, ongoing development, research, and refinement.

Story Academy leads the direction and production of Het Verhalenhuis, which is supported by reflective research led by Refugee Academy. The reflective process entails gathering insights and experiences from both participants and facilitators through dialogue, with the intention of gaining a deep understanding of the project’s valuable lessons, encompassing its processes and impacts.

The project unfolds in twelve phases, each consisting of six storytelling workshops tailored for those who have experienced forced migration. This approach is driven by two primary goals:

  • Enabling self-reflection through storytelling techniques.
  • Challenging existing narratives about migrants by presenting alternative perspectives.

The stories crafted by participants during these workshops are transformed into podcasts and a performance was also created, where a group of participants from different phases of the project, shared their stories with a wider audience on April 29, 2023, at Theatre Spui in The Hague.

For more information about the project and to listen to the crafted stories’ podcasts, please visit: