“Artisanal and small-scale gold mining versus sustainability”: How COVID-19 affects the sustainability debate in the Brazilian Amazon

On 3 June, the ISC lab organized a panel on the impacts of COVID-19 on global and local (im)mobility. Panelists Luciana Massaro (UNICAMP/VU Amsterdam) and Jorge Calvimontes (UNICAMP) wrote the following blog, which captures the main points of their presentation. … Lees verder

Sustainable Small-Scale Gold Mining? On the promises and politics of sustainable extraction

The Gold Matters project and the Infrastructure, Sustainability and Commons Lab of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam co-organized a panel on the relationship between small-scale gold mining and sustainability, taking place at the XVII International Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic & … Lees verder

Ethnographic Encounters with Morality, Crisis and Extractivism in Venezuela

The complex humanitarian crisis in Venezuela has caused more than five million Venezuelans to flee their country. In turn, Venezuelans who stay have developed multiple subsistence strategies, which include remittances, emergency gold extraction and the resale of dollars and gasoline. … Lees verder