Hoe kunnen we geëngageerde wetenschap beoefenen in tijden van COVID-19? – Een conference call met geëngageerde wetenschappers

Binnen een paar weken is COVID-19 uitgegroeid tot een wereldwijde pandemie. Inmiddels zijn miljoenen mensen besmet geraakt, en nog meer zijn getroffen door de sociaaleconomische maatregelen die zijn genomen om de pandemie in te dammen. Hoewel het virus zelf niet … Lees verder

Art for Change – The Voice of the Queer (By Sadiqa)

Around the world, refugees, asylum seekers, and undocumented folks are suffering from the social, economic, political, and health effects of COVID-19. In order to respond to this pandemic as engaged scholars, the researchers of the “Engaged Scholarship and Narratives of … Lees verder

Blog – Intriguing promises of inclusion…

This blog was published earlier on the website of the VICI-project “Engaged Scholarship and Narratives of Change”. In the Netherlands, there are numerous well-intended societal and academic initiatives aimed at building a just society in which everyone can participate equally. … Lees verder

Blog – A research-creation story

In September 2015, Alan Kurdi, a three-year old Syrian Kurd, drowned during his family’s attempt to cross the Mediterranean Sea. His photo – and his story – made international headlines. Although the Syrian civil war had begun in 2011, Alan’s … Lees verder